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Since the launch of My Personal Motivator and iTalk to God on the Android market place we’ve started to see some great success thanks to all of your downloads! We’re very proud to announce that My Personal Motivator is number 13 in the Lifestyle category, and iTalk to God is number 28 in Reference. Keep the downloads coming so we can reach the top 10 and possibly even number 1!!

If you’ve purchased the apps let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback!!


My Natural Healer Available for Android

My Natural Healer has officially launched on the Android marketplace. The app is available for download for $1.99.

To read the full description of the app and see a quick demo visit our main site – WorldLink Apps.

First Monday Trade Days App Coming Soon!

If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the MASSIVE event Canton, TX calls First Monday Trade Days, then you understand our excitement for being chosen to develop their mobile application.

Canton is located about 60 miles east of Dallas. Every month, thousands of vendors attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to take their pick at everything from home furnishings, clothing, arts & crafts, produce, to much much more. The outdoor extravaganza takes place Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of every month.

I had the pleasure of accompanying the app development team to Canton to view the site (s) for myself (market research!!!) and it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before. What started as a simple flea market, more than a century ago, has turned into a shoppers haven.

So head down to Canton and check it our for yourself. I would definitely give yourself a full day at least…and even then you probably won’t scratch the surface. It’s a great event and WorldlLink is looking forward to being a part of it.

Look for the app release this winter!

Customized Mobile Business Applications

I’m excited to announce our new offering to businesses ready to make their mark on the mobile application market. WorldLink has created a streamlined process for quick and efficient development of mobile applications for businesses. This process can be applied to any industry and is fully customizable.

Process & Features

The application offers the following basic features:

  • About Us
  • Services
  • Testimonials & Feedback
  • News
  • Twitter
  • Web Page
  • Contact Us
  • Request Information
  • Guide Me

Once our development team receives the completed work order from the client, with all of the proper information, they can turn it around for submission to iTunes in 5 business days (with the above features only). iTunes doesn’t provide an exact time frame, but most applications are usually approved within 2-3 weeks. Applications developed for Android do not require an approval process and have an immediate turnaround once submitted to the Android Marketplace.

If the client is interested in additional customized features, they can be worked in for an additional cost, and with additional development time added to the project.

Having your own business app is not only a great marketing and branding channel, but the technology being integrated into today’s smartphones continues to grow increasingly smarter. From the ability to send out daily/weekly push notifications to your customers, to even having the option to purchase items using an app, there are so many available functions that could be implemented to really push your business app to the next level.

Our creative team walks every client through the entire process from start to finish including any additional brainstorming sessions you might request. We offer all levels of apps from basic to intermediate.

An Example:

Our development team just completed our own app to help showcase how simple and effective a business app can be.

Check out the  screen shots below for some examples of the aforementioned features.

Customized launch icon (typically company logo):

Screen Shot Examples (showcasing previously mentioned features):


WorldLink Apps’ services include app development on the following platforms:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian
  • J2ME

Do you see this being beneficial to your business?

My Natural Healer for iPhone


My Natural Healer is WorldLink’s latest application, launched last May. It’s compatible with the iPod Touch and iPhone OS 2.0 or later. Look for a release on the Android Market very soon!

Brief Overview

My Natural Healer is the most comprehensive Natural Healing app on iTunes, containing over 1000 natural remedies from the world of herbalism, homeopathy, nutrition, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, lifestyle, diet and others.

Here’s how the app works:

The user starts by selecting one of the more than 100 common illness categories. The app contains an extensive list of natural remedies for each category. There are two versions of the application, free and paid. The paid version provides the user with 10 remedies per illness, where the free version gives you 2 remedies.

My Natural Healer is available on iTunes for 99 cents.

Have you downloaded the app? We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Click here for additional details

My Personal Motivator for iPhone

My Personal Motivator (MPM) is the follow up release to iTalk to God and the derivative suite, the Biblical Encouragement Series. MPM spent some time in the Top 100 in the Lifestyle category on the Apple App Store, and in Australia, peaked in the top 20 in the same category.

Brief Overview

Launched in early 2010, MPM took the same concept as iTalk to God but used quotes from famous actors, authors, leaders, etc, in the place of biblical scripture. With so many quote apps on the market keeping the same concept, “How are You Feeling Today” has helped us claim a piece of that market share as our own. Personalization has become a key differentiator for WorldLink and our reference applications.

Here’s how the app works:

Start by selecting an emotion category describing how you are currently feeling. There are over 100 different emotions available to choose from. Then let My Personal Motivator encourage you with motivational and inspirational quotes from more than a thousand famous world figures and inspirational authors.

The app is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch, iPhone OS 2.0 or later and is available on the iTunes App Store for 99 cents.

Click here for additional details

iTalk to God Mobile App

iTalk to God is WorldLink Apps’ first, and most successful, application on the Apple and Android app stores. With over 100,000 downloads and a peak position at number five in the iTunes reference category, we’ve been very pleased with the response to the app so far.

Brief Overview

Launched in September 2009, the application facilitates a personal conversation between you and God. You simply select one of over 70 categories describing how you are currently feeling. iTalk to God then displays a series of up to 10 verses specific to how you are feeling, including a brief commentary on each verse. The verses and comments are meant to provide comfort and encouragement to the user in a very personal and meaningful way.

iTalk to God is available in 9 different versions of the bible, along with three Lite versions (for free). It’s also available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. The main difference between the paid versions and the free versions is how many verses you see per category. The number of categories and sub-categories are the same, but the paid version has 8-10 verses per category, and the Lite versions have only 2 verses.

Some additional features will be released soon including, finger swiping, backward verse traversal, and sharing via SMS texting. You’ll also be able to view a list of all our released apps and have the ability to purchase them directly from the application. An update will be posted once the release is final, but make sure you keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks.


When we were exploring ideas for our first app iTalk to God was near the bottom of the list of ideas. After going through all of them, iTalk to God stood out as the most unique and relevant out of all our initial ideas. Taking the daily quote generator one step further and adding a personal twist by asking someone “How are you feeling today” was a niche that had yet to be filled. Mike Hall, our VP of Development, was the visionary on this project with a goal to offer people an app that would bring comfort to the user through scripture.

Check out iTalk to God’s web page for more info & to purchase your preferred version on iTunes for 99 cents:

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