New Music App Coming Soon

I’m very excited to finally start talking about our new music app coming out this fall. Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Grammy award winning Producer, Madjef. He’s worked with everyone from Michael Jackson, Boys II Men, Janet Jackson, and many more. He came to WorldLink with a vision for a music app that brings the art of music creation straight to your smartphone.

The result, Madjef’s MusicLab!!

The app allows the user to actually create music from a library of sounds, provided by Madjef himself. After the user has created the song, you then have the option to add vocals. There will also be a share feature where you can post your song on Facebook and Twitter and export it to your desktop/laptop!

We’re really excited to get this out to the world. Check back for more updates as we get closer to launch. You can also check out Madjef on YouTube!!

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